What Caused The Siyata Mobile (SYTA) Stock To Rise 13% Today?

The shares of Siyata Mobile Inc. (NASDAQ: SYTA) were up 13.7% to $0.43 at the last check following the receipt of a significant purchase order. At the close of the previous session, SYTA stock was trading at $0.38.

What is the order that SYTA won?

It was announced today that Siyata Mobile (SYTA) has received a purchase order for Uniden booster kits and accessories from a federal government contractor for the US Navy.

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  • Several naval buildings with poor cell phone reception will benefit from the Uniden U70P Wireless Booster Kits and accessories.
  • After a rigorous selection process, we were selected to sell cellular boosters to the military for the first time.
  • As a result of this award, Siyata can provide the Navy with a solution to its cellular coverage issues, which creates even more opportunities.
  • In addition to providing additional coverage for up to 20,000 square feet of space, the Uniden U70P cellular booster also boosts all 3G and 4G/LTE signals.

How will SYTA continue to work?

YTA’s SD7 rugged mission-critical push-to-talk (MCPTT) devices are now integrated with CrisisGo Inc.’s Panic App, enabling teachers to instantly contact first responders in an emergency.

  • An integrated SoS communication system enhances public safety and response times during times of crisis in school communities.
  • With the SD7 and Rapid Kit companion app, teachers, police, ambulances, and fire departments can communicate clearly during emergencies between themselves and the SD7 and Rapid Kit.
  • CrisisGo gives schools an easy way to comply with Alyssa’s Law and create better emergency protocols.
  • In case of an emergency, such as an active shooter, Alyssa’s Law requires elementary and secondary schools to be properly equipped with silent panic alarms.
  • The State Department of Education may also approve an alternative emergency mechanism for schools.

In what ways will SYTA move forward?

Among the newest generation of cellular signal booster kits available today is the Uniden Cellular Signal booster kit by Siyata Mobile (SYTA). This kit delivers crystal clear phone calls and lightning-fast data speeds. A strong cellular signal such as SYTA provides clear, consistent communications and maximum data download/upload speeds for military, government, and enterprise customers.