Pre-Market Momentum Builds For Nexalin (NXL)

The stock value of Nexalin Technology, Inc. (NASDAQ: NXL) is gaining traction during today’s pre-market session, rising 2.41% to $2.55 as of the last. This comes after Nexalin’s stock had a notable increase during the previous trading session, closing at $2.49 after rising by 15.81%. The increase in NXL’s stock price is a result of a recent development made to its patent portfolio.

The non-intrusive, frequency-based deep brain stimulation device manufactured by Nexalin (NXL) has been issued U.S. Patent No. 17/337,653 by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). This recently granted patent, “Transcranial Alternating Current Dynamic Frequency Stimulation Method for Anxiety, Depression, and Insomnia (ADI),” covers the method of operation used in the Gen-3 HALO Clarity system manufactured by the company.

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This patent achievement stands as a significant milestone for Nexalin, complementing its recent patent acquisition concerning its fundamental technology. These patents, effective until 2040, constitute a pivotal aspect of the company’s overarching strategy, underpinned by mounting clinical evidence supporting the efficacy of its non-invasive, deep frequency brain stimulation technology in addressing insomnia, depression, and anxiety.

Notably, the innovative Gen-3 HALO Clarity system facilitates patient treatment within the confines of their homes, with remote supervision by a physician via Nexalin’s Virtual Clinic. Crucially, Nexalin is progressing its regulatory clearance strategy in the United States while concurrently targeting commercial expansion across diverse international markets.

Nexalin exudes heightened confidence in its business prospects and its potential to revolutionize the standard treatment paradigm for mental health disorders, thereby mitigating reliance on often ineffective pharmaceutical interventions fraught with adverse side effects. The Gen-3 system epitomizes Nexalin’s cutting-edge Deep Intracranial Frequency Stimulation (DIFS) technology, representing a substantial leap forward from its predecessor, the Gen-1 system.

Leveraging a digital breakthrough in electrical waveforms, the company’s technology furnishes deep and painless neural stimulation to the brain. The Gen-3 system entails the strategic placement of electrodes on the patient’s cranium, delivering profound stimulation to brain regions associated with mental health conditions.