Capstone Turbine Corporation (CPST) on Thursday announced the successful demonstration of the innovative 247Solar Plant, a project company has been dubbing as potentially first competitive, clean-energy, 24/7-baseload alternative to conventional power sources.

The pre-engineered plant is comprised of two highly-efficient Capstone C200S microturbines to generate power and thermal energy round the clock through the year. The renewable energy solution in combination with the technology of 247Solar Inc. will result in roll out of a solution to the green energy market which will be one of the world’s most multipurpose, trustworthy, zero-carbon solutions for power generation.

The first operational 247Solar Plant is based on the highly efficient microturbine technology by Capstone at heart of it. A sunlight-focused system is also included in the plant which makes use of sunlight to heat the air up to a temperature enough to be used to produce electricity by driving the microturbines.

The plant is also equipped with a thermal storage system where flow of heated air could be directed to in the daylight time and then transferred back into the microturbines at night. The heated airflow in the night can drive microturbines up to 20 hours without availability of the solar radiance. This resulted in a 247Solar plant which can supply electricity for more extended periods of time. The 247Solar plant can also lower the fuel cost by reducing fuel consumption by up to 90%.

To be in collaboration with innovative companies like 247Solar is exciting for Capstone, as the need of shifting to a greener energy solution was never so focused on than it has been today. Recovering from the COVID-19 in an energy-friendly way is the point to be thoroughly discussed. That is especially necessary in Europe which is already aligned with economically motivational plans aiming reducing the carbon emissions, President and Chief Executive Officer of Capstone Turbine, Darren Jamison said.